Purple Rain is for the Ladies

When I was at ACPA Baltimore, I found myself at a bar with some pretty amazeballs people, having a few beers and a plethora of laughs.  The house band began to play. Loudly. Soon our Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 6.49.23 PMwe were shouting. And while it provides a hilarious reference to one of my favorite films, it doesn’t help when you’re just trying to chat it up with friends in a bar.  We attempted this feat until we decided it was ridiculous and needed to find somewhere else to socialize. As we walked by the band on our way to the door, the lead singer motioned to us and said,

“Hey! This one is for the ladies!”

Cue, Prince’s “Purple Rain”…

Whether or not Prince would have said that exact same thing if he were in that downtown Baltimore bar is neither here nor there. (Although we can all be honest that if Prince were there, we would have not left the bar. ) But that moment is permanent in my brain and triggered anytime I hear the song.  But let me digress for a minute or two..

On the second page of Mindy Kaling’s new book, Why Not Me?, she says the following:

“The result of my not caring so much about what I say 
allows me to care more about how I say it.”

 That resonated with me in such a way that I immediately grabbed my stack of post-it notes that I leave on the little table next to my bed (for night time epiphanies) and wrote that down. Then I just let it soak in my brain for a few days.

The end result was revitalizing and reinventing my blog. My goal is to make it a collection of stories about my life.  Maybe in the same vein of my writer sheros Tina, Amy, & Mindy.  But they will be my stories.  As Anne Shirley eventually realized, she needed to write about what she knew and then she got that damn book published. So perhaps these blog posts will be stories of my own Avonlea.  Or perhaps they will be my advice on styling wigs.  Or maybe it will be stories about how my grandma’s criteria for my potential future mates started and ended with whether or not they had nice teeth.  Ok, let’s be honest.  A post will definitely be about that. Regardless, I’m going to take Mindy’s advice and get over the hump about worrying about what I say.  It will be much easier that her advice on trying to befriend a cinematographer to light me wherever I go.

So thanks for reading so far.  Stay tuned.

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