My Name is Kathy Petras and I am a Student Affairs professional in Cleveland, Ohio.  As an avid promoter of the personal and professional development of undergraduate and graduate students, I work (a lot) to create programs and activities that achieve that goal.  I’m currently working mainly in the realm of Orientation and Leadership Development, but also have experience in Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Activities, and Alcohol & Drug Education.

You could say I’m a dork, and I would say Thank You.  I spend my days no only sending emails and attending meetings, but also lots of tweeting, and coloring, and laughing with my students.

If you have any questions just let me know. Otherwise enjoy my ramblings as I continue to reflect and enjoy my experience working in the realm of Higher Education.

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  1. In the course of a very narcissistic “let’s see what’s out there about me on Google,” I found you — and just wanted to say hello to another Kathy Petras! I’m in NYC, am a writer (chiefly humor — you can see my stuff on Amazon under Kathryn Petras) and…guess that’s it! Love to hear from you if you feel so compelled . . .

    1. haha Thanks for the comment! I’ve googled myself before and come across the “other” Kathy Petras as well!

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